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    Fred Franzen

This cycle chair has made it possible for me to return to an independent and social lifestyle, as well as providing mobility, exercise and rehabilitation – all at the time! This brings me to where I am now, as far as my “physical” condition is concerned.  A massive stroke in 2011 left me partially paralyzed on the left side of my body and according to the surgeon and my stroke rehab doctor, “it was my, fine physical condition prior to the stroke that would play a major role in my recuperation.” For the record, I was professional tennis teacher for many years – a position I held until the stroke. 


As far as my post-stroke rehab is concerned, I have been involved in a number of programs and activities, but it has been my Profhand pedal chair that seems to have significantly improved my physical condition.  Not to mention that, thanks to this fine Japanese invention, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to take part in a number of social events with my wife and friends. 


I highly recommend the Profhand cycle chair for individuals who may be recuperating from any type of neurological disability. 

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